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Association for Size Diversity & Health (ASDAH)

The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) is an international professional organization composed of individual and organizational members who are committed to the principles of Health At Every Size (HAES). The mission of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) is to promote education, research, and the provision of services which enhance health and well-being, and which are free from weight-based assumptions and weight discrimination.

If you are a HAES practitioner in any field, please consider joining ASDAH. You may join online through our Membership page. http://www.sizediversityandhealth.org-a.googlepages.com/membership
www.sizediversityandhealth.orgPO Box 3093, Redwood City CA 94064

Phone: 877-576-1102

E-mail: contact@sizediversityandhealth.org

Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating

We help people end the preoccupation with food and weight, using a non-diet, HAES approach, through workshops, presentations, training and counseling.

PO Box 108, Deerfield IL 60015

Phone: 847-267-1200 x2

E-mail: jmatz@overcomingovereating.com

Council On Size & Weight Discrimination

The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination is a not-for-profit advocacy group working to end discrimination based on body size, shape, or weight. We are consumer advocates for large-size people, especially in medical treatment, job discrimination, and media images. We provide information, counseling, and referral for people who have encountered weight discrimination. We work with regulatory agencies, legislatures, and the media to change public attitudes and public policy regarding weight. We provide public education through our website, www.cswd.org.

www.cswd.orgPO Box 305, Mount Marion NY United States 12456-0305

Phone: (845) 679-1209

Fax: (845) 679-1206

E-mail: info@cswd.org

Contact: Lynn McAfee

Contact Email: lynn@cswd.org

Boulder Youth Body Alliance

The mission of BYBA is to provide leadership opportunities for youth to prevent eating disorders and weight preoccupation, and to inspire a positive body image through peer education, outreach and activism.

2760 29th St, Suite 2C, Boulder CO United States 80301

Phone: 303-440-5775

Contact: Carmen Cool

Contact Email: carmenccool@yahoo.com

Association pour la santé publique du Québecwww.aspq.org4126 rue St-Denis, Montreal Canada H2W 2M5

Phone: 514-528-5811

Fax: 514-528-5590

Contact: Émilie Dansereau-Trahan

Contact Email: edansereau@aspq.org

Love Your Body Detroit

We want to challenge the social norm that teaches us to shame our bodies by doing activism we hope will change our community. Help us create a safe environment to prosper and love our bodies!

We meet the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month to plan and create social activism in the Detroit Metro area. Come and join us!
loveyourbodydetroit.tumblr.com/Detroit MI
NORMAL in Schools

NORMAL is a national nonprofit that educates about eating disorders (including binge eating disorder), self-esteem and body image through arts and mindfulness programs.

Imagine Dance Arts

To provide a safe, loving space for ALL to learn dance. Everyone can dance if they want to and should not be discriminated against because of their size.

Poughkeepsie NY United States 12603

Phone: (845) 416-8734

Contact: Kristin

Contact Email: Scarlettny73@yahoo.com

The Marissa Mission

The Marissa Mission fosters youths in a nourishing and playful environment, encouraging development into vibrant, confident and healthy people through Improvisational Tribal Style belly dance, yogic practice, expressive art, community and empowering life skills.

The Marissa Mission is a non-profit youth empowerment program, offering classes, camps, workshops and performances.
www.marissamission.org6 NE Tillamook St, Portland OR United States 97219

Phone: 503-933-5536

E-mail: info@marissamission.org

Contact: Rachel Shelton, Director

OHSU Center for Women's Health

Health Education Resources at the OHSU Center for Women's Health is committed to providing diverse educational opportunities and support for women. We believe that every woman can enjoy wellness, and partner with them to create this through coaching, classes, educational opportunities, and more.

www.ohsuwomenshealth.com/classes3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, L466, Portland OR 97239

Phone: 503-418-4506

E-mail: cwh@ohsu.edu

Contact: Lisa Nielson

Contact Email: nielsonl@ohsu.edu


HAES UK is a UK-based organisation whose membership is open to all who support its mission. HAES UK supports the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach as an effective, ethical and evidence-based approach to healthcare policy, practice and research. HAES UK is committed to challenging weight-based discrimination which is considered to be disrespectful and harmful to individual and community well-being. HAES UK is committed to the following aims: 1. To examine and publish scientific evidence supporting non-weight-based approaches to healthcare. 2. To promote an accurate Health at Every Size (HAES) approach. 3. To highlight and challenge weight-based discrimination in all areas of social life

www.healthateverysize.org.uk/Great Britain

E-mail: info@healthateverysize.org.uk

Ophelia's Place

Ophelia's Place is a non-profit organization committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities to redefine beauty and health through initiatives that increase self-esteem, improve body image and introduce alternatives to dangerous desires for perfection; and to providing outreach, advocacy and educational services to those impacted by eating disorders, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction.

www.opheliasplace.org407 Tulip Street, Liverpool NY 13088

Phone: (315) 451-5544

Fax: (315) 451-5557

E-mail: joslynps@gmail.com

Contact: Mary Ellen Clausen

Contact Email: maryellen@opheliasplace.org

Kristen Watt Foundation

The goal of the Kristen Watt Foundation is to provide ways to help youth develop positive self-images, recognize the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, and know what to do if they find themselves or someone they care about faced with this problem.

www.kristenwattfoundation.org7746 Lorraine Ave, Stockton CA United States 95210

Phone: 209-462-3889

E-mail: kwattfoundation@aol.com

Contact: Jamie Jessop

Contact Email: JamieJessopRD@gmail.com

Andrea's Voice Foundation

Dispelling misconceptions ... one person at a time

We provide presentations, educational curriculum and resources for professionals and those affected by eating disorders
www.andreasvoice.org/1383 Rosewood Lane, Napa CA United States 94558

Phone: 707 2248032

Fax: 707 259 6060

E-mail: doris@andreasvoice.org

Contact: Doris Smeltzer

Contact Email: doris@andreasvoice.org


Founded in 1969, NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA works to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support.

We come in all sizes. Understand it. Support it. Accept it.
www.naafa.orgP. O. Box 22510, Oakland CA United States 4609

Phone: 916-558-6880

E-mail: naafa_pr@yahoo.com

Contact: Peggy Howell

Contact Email: naafa_pr@yahoo.com

Binge Eating Disorder Association

Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) is a national organization focused on providing leadership, recognition, prevention, and treatment of BED and associated weight stigma. Through outreach, education and advocacy, BEDA will facilitate increased awareness and proper diagnosis of BED, and promote excellence in care for those who live with, and those who treat, binge eating disorder and its associated conditions. BEDA is committed to promoting cultural acceptance of, and respect for, the natural diversity of sizes, as well as promoting a goal of improved health, which may or may not include weight change.

BEDA founded National Weight Stigma Awareness Week, which is held the last week of September yearly. This week is dedicated to bringing the dangers and realities of the stigmatization and biases promoted by an ideal of thinness. BEDA also holds an annual conference in the spring (generally March or April) that is nationally recognized as the educational forum addressing binge eating disorder and weight stigma. BEDA is dedicated to promoting the tenets and principles of HAES within the eating disorders community as well as encouraging research and public policy that is true to HAES principles.
www.bedaonline.com637 Emerson Place, Severna Park MD United States 21146

Phone: 855-855-2332

E-mail: info@bedaonline.com

Contact: Chevese Turner

Contact Email: chevese.turner@bedaonline.com


REbeL encourages students to rebel against our culture's unrealistic standards of beauty, which value appearance over character and promote low self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, bullying, and suicide. We strive to foster a healthy culture of kindness. We emphasize the importance of seeing each person's beauty and value, regardless of size. We empower students to identify and dialogue about these issues, raise awareness among their peers, and create solutions to the problems.

REbeL is a Not For Profit peer-education program currently running in several high schools and one middle school in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.
www.re-bel.orgOverland Park KS United States

Phone: (913) 660-4650

Contact: Laura Eickman, Psy.D., Director of REbeL

Contact Email: laura.eickman@gmail.com

Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders

Our mission is to make visible, interrupt, and undermine the disproportionately high incidence of eating disorders in individuals on the trans and gender non-conforming spectrum through radical community healing and recovery institution reform.

T-FFED: Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders is the FIRST transgender and gender non-conforming -focused, accessible, community-driven and gender-literate recovery initiative in existence. T-FFED produces pop-up events (featuring workshops, support groups, nutrition, healing activities, resource-sharing and toolkit building) in cities with demonstrated need, and trains ED healthcare professionals to provide more effective, comprehensive, and trans-friendly/gender-literate care to their clients and patients. We are committed to intersectionality, grassroots organizing and non-oppressive politics and organizational structure. CLOSED SUPPORT GROUP PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TransFolxFightingEDs/
www.TransFolxFightingEDs.orgLos Angeles CA United States

E-mail: transfolxfightingeds@gmail.com

Contact: Dagan VanDemark

Contact Email: transfolxfightingeds@gmail.com

PLUS Positive

Our mission is to "Spread PLUS Positivity" by empowering plus size men, women, and teens, advocating for size diversity in entertainment, and encouraging volunteerism in local communities.

We are always looking for additional volunteers, supporters, and sponsors to help positively impact the plus community. Our goal is to build confidence, encourage dreams and help heal those who have been negatively impacted by their size.
www.PlusPositive.orgAtlanta GA United States

E-mail: info@pluspositive.org

Contact: Nicki Lynch

Contact Email: info@pluspositive.org

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From Linda Bacon: I’ve created the HAES Pledge, Registry, and Resource List with support and advice from members of the HAES community. My intent is to strengthen the HAES movement: to help support people in adopting HAES and to help those of us in the HAES community get better connected and develop our ideas. Follow the link to learn more about my book, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight. Or, to learn more about my work in general, visit www.LindaBacon.org.